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alliative ch works with the Swiss Confederation and Cantons within the framework of the «National Strategy for Palliative Care 2010–2012» to promote research in palliative care and establish it for the long term.

The Swiss research landscape in palliative care has until now been characterised by a small number of researchers and small research teams working on a variety of different specialised areas. Until now, research into palliative care has
been barely anchored in the existing structures of education and teaching, which further impedes research activities. The setting up of a national information and coordination platform attempts to address these structural problems.

«Plateforme latine de recherche en soins palliatifs et fin de vie» already exists, and is made up of motivated and active individuals from various disciplines and specialisations of palliative care from Romandy and Ticino (the French and Italian language regions of Switzerland). In a mutual exchange topics of palliative care are dealt with, and disciplinary, interdisciplinary and multi-centric research projects are developed. In early 2011, the corresponding website was launched, which forms the basis for the future national, bilingual, virtual information and coordination platform.

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Following the kick-off event on September 14, 2011 a newly formed working group has started defining the structures that will be responsible for setting up the «Swiss German Palliative Care Research Platform» and its strategic planning.


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