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Pro palliative care

Coalition for the promotion of palliative care in Switzerland

Under the name pro palliative care the coalition for the promotion of palliative care in Switzerland was founded on 19.3.2009. It sees itself as an interest group for organisations which support the aims of the Biel Manifesto. The Biel Manifesto was approved during the first national consensus conference for palliative care on 4th December 2008.

The coalition pro palliative care intends to support and add to the implementation of the national strategy for palliative care of the Swiss Confederation and the cantons. It informs the populace by means of the organisation's own channels and by joint operations with others.
The members of the coalition are large and small organisations from the health and professional policy sectors, as well as the two national churches (see list of members). The secretariat is located at the office of palliative ch, and further information is available here and applications to join can be submitted.



Membership List (PDF in German)
Founding Document (PDF in German)
Biel Manifesto (PDF in German)
First Declaration (PDF in German)
Second Declaration (PDF in German)

Objectives (PDF in German)