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«palliative ch», the journal of palliative ch, the Swiss Association for Palliative Medicine, Care and Support appears quarterly and in three languages. It has a circulation of 3,444 copies (certified by WEMF 2019).

«palliative ch» is the specialist journal for palliative care in Switzerland. Its articles are intended for all the staff of multi-disciplinary palliative care teams.

«palliative ch» provides information about palliative ch and its sections, about institutions and projects, events, further training courses, and new publications in Switzerland and abroad.

Summary of Topics 2020
No. 01/2020: Palliative Gerontologie
No. 02/2020: Technologie und Digitalisierung
No. 03/2020: Umgang mit dem Sterbewunsch
No. 04/2020: 10 Jahre Nationale Strategie Palliative Care: ein Fazit
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Christian Ruch, Chur

4 x per year (March, June, September, December).

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