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Working Groups

palliative ch maintains various working groups. These work as part of a network together with other specialist groups of other organisations and institutions. The working groups of palliative ch make an important contribution within the framework of the Swiss Confederation's national programme to promote palliative care which runs from 2010 to 2012.

Working Group: Quality 

Produces tools for quality assurance for institutions. Derives key parameters from specialised palliative care institutions (benchmarking). Produces quality indicators and tools for audits of institutions carried out by external agencies. »continue


Working Group: SwissEduc (Education, Further Training, Continued Training)

Establishes the relevant competencies for various levels of education (trainees) and acceptance procedures (trainers). The aim is to achieve a further professionalization of the specialists working in the fields of basic palliative care and specialised palliative care. »continue


Working Group: Research

This working group creates incentives for an increased research in the field of palliative care in Switzerland. Using two platforms for mutual exchange, it supports and advises  persons who are starting out, as well as experienced researchers. »continue


Working Group: Fees

Concerns itself with remuneration in the fields of outpatient care and long-term care (the new care financing system) for patients in palliative situations. Involved in the production of a system of remuneration for palliative stations and hospices. »continue