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Objectives of the Professional Association palliative ch

In the year 1988 palliative ch, the Swiss Association for Palliative Medicine, Care and Support, was founded. Today it already has over 3'100 members – and the number is rising. 
palliative ch is a multi-disclipinary professional association, whose members are drawn from all groups of specialists working at the sickbed: these include carers and nurses, doctors, chaplains, volunteer workers and other professional categories. Of course it is also possible for institutions to join palliative ch.
Palliative care has been gaining in significance greatly in the past few years, including in Switzerland, and will continue to grow – especially in view of the continuing increase in life-expectancy. In order to manage this development, the parent association has set itself the objectives

  • to further promote the spread of palliative care in Switzerland
  • to improve the access to palliative care for the persons involved and their relatives 
  • to professionally promote and secure the quality of palliative medicine, care and support

Guiding Ideas

  • high-quality further training courses in specific subjects
  • our own specialist journal
  • an active media analysis
  • reports on the development of the acceptance of palliative care among professionals and the public
  • a national web portal on the subject of palliative care for experts and laypersons

Because education and further training are an indispensable basic precondition for the successful establishment of palliative care in Swiss medicine and nursing care,

  • the professional association has a strong commitment to the educational landscape. In particular:
  • it defines the core competencies in the various professional categories, and the level of training in the field of palliative care
  • it is dedicated to ensuring the most consistent, well-structured and financially effective education and further training in the field of palliative care

Continuous quality assurance is one of the core objectives of palliative ch.
Therefore the professional association shows an especially strong commitment to

  • the development of tools of quality assurance and quality inspections – recommendations about best practice – which are adjusted to match the circumstances in Switzerland
  • the promotion of well-structured training and research, patient empowerment and unimpeded access to palliative care services 
  • realistic remuneration for palliative medical services

Professional communication should be provided to promote the idea of palliative care. Therefore palliative ch seeks to provide

  • onging information about definitions/terms, healthcare offerings, and events, via its own web portal
  • free information brochures
  • information about regional offers of care, and the information available in the different sections

palliative ch involves itself in the discussion on health policies, in that

  • the members actively take part in committees, working groups, projects and consultations
  • palliative ch forms its own working groups which draw up advisory reports for outside policy-makers (regional, national)
  • palliative ch undertakes appropriate lobbying on behalf of its interests


Networking with partner organisations is something which palliative ch considers very important.
In exchange and dialogue with these partners, the professional association encourages the principle of transparency and a constructive approach to discussions.