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Become an active member / individual member (specialists in palliative care)

I am a specialist in palliative care and would like to become an Individual Member of palliative ch, the Swiss Association for Palliative Medicine, Care and Support.

Fees from 1.7.2019:

(price including a subscription of the “palliative ch” magazine):

  • Doctors CHF 160.00
  • Seelsorge/Aumônerie CHF 150.00
  • Nursing CHF 125.00
  • Various professions CHF 125.00

Become an individual member

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Articles of Association Art. 5 Resigning: Members may leave the Association at any time. The request to leave must be made in writing to palliative ch, who will then inform the relevant section. In any event the membership fee for the commenced financial year must be paid.